Flight 2009 Around the World

North America   Caribbean   South America   Africa   Europe   Middle East   Asia   Oceania   Antarctica

by KLM to Mumbai/India

by Air India to Vadodara & Hongkong

by Cathay Pacific to South-Korea

By Korean Air to Beijing/China

by Japan Airlines to Tokyo/Japan

... Mount Fuji ...

by China Airlines to Hawaii ...

Seat at 2nd floor

... from Japan to Pearl Harbor ...

Crossing "Date Line" to Hawaii

Aloha - Honolulu Int. Airport

by Delta to Los Angeles/USA

Honolulu / Waikiki

Los Angeles Airport

by American Airlines to Miami

Miami Beach

by Caribbean Airlines to Suriname

From Suriname back Home by KLM

Starter at the end...

Flight to Amsterdam...

Cockpit MD11

my Flights

Around the World 2009

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